Thursday, November 25, 2010

flipper baby

ive been pretty lucky i have only had a woozy stomach a couple of times and knock on wood i have not thrown up yet. my mine complaint right now is how tired i am. i wake up tired, i go to work tired and go to bed exausted. i guess making a human being is a lot of work for your body. i can definatly start feeling the changes in my stomach and body getting ready for this little one to make a home in there for nine months.

a week ago i went and got about 8 viles of blood taken and i had my doctors appointment today. looks like i am in very good health, all my organs are working great and there were no abnormalities. thank god.

so from what ive read, my little baby has a tiny hole where its mouth will be, the umbilical cord is developing and it has stumpy arms that resemble flippers. it has tiny beady eyes on either side of its head and its about the size of a tic tac.

i cannot wait to see the first ultrasound.

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  1. Me too!
    Love you, your flipper baby, and your flipper baby daddy!!