Thursday, January 27, 2011

16 weeks

So i am getting bigger and bigger every week. my stomach is getting more round and my appetite is rapidly getting insane. i get crazy hunger pains about every 2 hours. i haven't felt anymore flutters but im sure that will change soon. the little ones are in there making facial expressions and bouncing around and being very active. i met my OBGYN and she is a very nice women and im glad she is my OB. i got to hear their little heartbeats and she said they were healthy but very active and it made it hard for her to find them.
unfortunately, the ultrasound place in the Montfort is pretty backed up so i won't be able to find out their genders until March 1st. unless there is a cancellation and then i can be bumped up, i really hope that happens!!
she also said that i should be leaving work around week 24, so i sat down with my bosses and we decided that March 16th would be my last day at work. ill have to go on medical leave through ei before maternity leave.

i cannot wait to be able to spend time getting the house ready and for me to be able to just relax and take care of myself until the babies come!

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