Tuesday, January 18, 2011


so its been almost a month since i have written in here but im pretty sure the only person who reads this is my mother. ive been pretty busy with work and trying to stay awake through out that.

the little babies have already developed all their organs and their bones, brain and skin. they have lost their little tails and now in their 15th week they are stretching out their necks to support their heads instead of it resting on their shoulders. they are both roughly the size of peaches graduating to red delicious apples on Wednesday. theyre eyes are still sealed shut and will stay that way for another couple of weeks i believe. their bones are solidifying and they are developing their little fingers and toes. apparently their genitals have developed but will be difficult to see for another couple of weeks. i believe i have an ultrasound on February 9th where i can see what genders im having.

my belly is definitely looking more and more like a preggo belly every day instead of gaining weight. i went shopping for mat clothes finally and i am so much more comfortable, i now look pregnant!

about 2 days ago i was walking down the stairs in my home and i started feeling this strange feeling in the bottom of my belly that ive never felt before. im almost positive it was a flutter. it felt like slow moving butterfly wings in my stomach. it was amazing to feel. Dan regularly kisses the babies and puts his head to them and says he can hear them moving around in there. i believe him.

i still sometimes forget there are two little babies in there...i am more then excited about meeting them.

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